Roland Hummer a freethinker, lateral thinker and visionary. He offers you new perspectives for spontaneous ideas, creative designs, attractive concepts and visualisations in any sector in an interplay between custom, tolerance and holistic creativity

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Developing games is my passion! I already spent several month developing the games on Time that is actually not payed. Not to mention the money I spent for the server costs.
If you're playing the games on you probably noticed that everything is for free. There're no tricks envolved ( like In-game items, trial versions, ... ) to make money with the games. I am just an individual having fun developing games. Nothing more and nothing less.
Now you might ask: "What about the Ads on this page?" ... Well, with about 30$ a month they do not even pay the server costs (ca 60$)!
I do not own a business plan for this site and have no interest to change that in the future.

Now I ask for your help. If you enjoy playing the games on this site and think you can afford some money, please help me and donate!

I will list everyone who donated here on this page with a link to your site and some text (statement)! After you donated, please drop me a note () with a link to your site and optional some text that you want to get displayed here. Thank you!